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New Bookstores added (within the last week):

12.06.2021 – Pet Peeves
10.06.2021 – The Middle Age
08.05.2021 – Erstwhile
06.06.2021 – Numb

New Books Added (within the last month):
Updated: 13.06.2021

Curses Chapter 2Curses Chapter 2 Goats Books 4Goats Books 4 The Devil's Panties Vol. 12Devil’s Panties Vol. 12
XII: Of Magic & Muses Volume 3XII: of Magic and Muses Volume 3 Archipelago Book 1 and 2Archipelago Book 1+2 Archipelago Book 3Archipelago Book 3
Archipelago Book 6Archipelago Book 6 Archipelago Book 7Archipelago Book 7 Archipelago Book 8Archipelago Book 8
Archipelago Book 9Archipelago Book 9 Archipelago Book 10Archipelago Book 10 Archipelago EpilogueArchipelago Epilogue
V.O.E. Volume 3V.O.E. Volume 3 V.O.E. Volume 4V.O.E. Volume 4 Sluggy Freelance Book 21Sluggy Freelance Book 21
Theater of the Bloody Tongue Volume 0TOTBT special Theater of the Bloody Tongue Volume 0TOTBT Volume 4 Theater of the Bloody Tongue Volume 0TOTBT Special
Breaking Cat News Volume 2Breaking Cat News Vol 2 Breaking Cat News Volume 3Breaking Cat News Vol 3 Buuza!! Volume 2Buuza!! Volume 2
Windrose Volume 2Windrose Volume 2 Windrose Volume 3Windrose Volume 3 Kill Six Billion Demons Volume 4Kill 6 Billion Demons Volume Four
Let's Play Volume 2Let’s Play Vol. 2 Godslave Volume 1Godslave Volume 1 Stand Still Stay Silent Volume 3SSSS Volume 3
Transformed! Volume 1Transformed! Vol. 1

Running Crowdfunding Projects for New Books:
Updated: 04.06.2021

Buuza Volume 3
– Launched 24th May 2021
– Ends 25th June 2021
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Magefront Book 1
– Launched 12th May 2021
– Ends 12th June 2021
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Tangled River Volume 1
– Launched 7th May 2021
– Ends 7th June 2021
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Egoraven: Heir of the First Unicorn – 1 & 2
– Launched 3rd May 2021
– Ends 3rd June 2021
– Current Status: RUNNING!

Zos Kias Volume 14
– Launched 2nd May 2021
– Ends 1st July 2021
– Current Status: RUNNING!

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